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Our nursery is created to be a loving, nurturing, secure environment for your baby. The sensory rich space is filled with different sights, sound and textures. Teachers encourage babies’ cognitive, sensory, and emotional development in an atmosphere or tranquility, stimulation, and curiosity with critical one to one moments of caring, play and communication.

The toddlers developmentally age appropriate curriculum includes discovery, social growth, self help skills, fine and gross motor skill activities. As toddlers begin to investigate their world and experiment with their widening use of language, staff facilitate to engage them in educational appropriate activities with large and small group activities.

Preschool is filled with immense activity and discovery. Learning centers offer guided experiences that encompass all the skills and understanding necessary for optimum academic success. A well planned environment allows for a balance of child choice and self directed play, small groups, whole group activities, and supportive teaching. Our Preschool classrooms provide the cogitative, social, and physical skills needed for their individual learning path. Beginning with Preschool 1, children will be enrolled in our enrichment programs which includes Technology, Spanish and Music.

Our Pre-K program with the ABeka curriculum focuses on Kindergarten preparedness including early literacy and language skills, math science, art & music.  Enrichment classes will also be provided including Technology, Spanish, and Music.

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